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Solar Guidelines
Solar Guidelines

The Solar Guidelines are geared towards property managers and building owners and offer technical information that can be consulted when making decisions concerning solar power. They present various solar technologies and explain individual components of solar and photovoltaic systems. The sun can also be utilised in the form of urban greening, which also helps improve the microclimate, manage rainwater and afford sun protection. The Solar Guidelines provide information on which systems and forms of greening are best used in which contexts. Pictures of successfully implemented solar and photovoltaic systems show how these have become an integral part of the architecture of both old and new buildings in the city.

Commissioning of an information brochure on the planning and realisation of solar systems and urban greening.

Completion 12/2014

Magistratsabteilungen der Stadt Wien: MA 20, MA 19, MA 22

BWM Team
Liz Zimmermann, Gerhard Girsch


Graphische Gestaltung im Ergeschoss, Vienna