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Vienna Marriott Hotel Restaurant
Vienna Marriott Hotel Restaurant
Vienna Marriott Hotel Restaurant
Vienna Marriott Hotel Restaurant
Vienna Marriott Hotel Restaurant

The Vienna Marriott Hotel’s Parkring restaurant has a new interior concept, entitled “Indian Summer”. BWM Designers & Architects based their design on the hotel’s Austro-American idea and married the two cultures in their interior concept. The occasional opulence in the formal language corresponds with this intention.

BWM Designers & Architects gleaned prominent elements, such as brass and mirror surfaces, from the hotel’s distinctive façade and implemented them thoughtfully in the interior of the restaurant. They also added natural elements inspired by the Stadtpark located opposite the hotel. The spectacular unobstructed view onto the green park is no longer the prerogative of guests seated by the windows but is drawn into the restaurant by means of semicircular mirrors, allowing those guests facing the wall to catch a glimpse of greenery as well.

The colour scheme and choice of materials correspond with the hotel’s existing elements and reflect the “Indian Summer” theme. Brown wood and warm shades of gold, green and red create a cosy atmosphere that is interrupted by contrasting blue and turquoise elements. The front sections of the open-view kitchen have been reworked. The carpeting bears an abstract depiction of the shadows cast by the trees outside the windows.

New interior design for the hotel’s in-house Parkring restaurant

Completion 09/2020

Vienna Marriott Hotel

BWM Team
Erich Bernard, Evi Rupprecht, Daniela Dollack, Livia Hämmerle, Ingrid Schmid

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Vienna Marriott Hotel


General contractor
Riedl Messe-/Laden- & Objektbau GmbH

Peter Weisz

Carpet design
Gabriele Bruner

Ing. Walter Huber

Electrical planning
Wannbacher Elektro Consult GmbH